Camping Trip to Bodie

It’s the oldest ghost town in America situated in a valley at the end of a long dirt road, close to the Mono Lake area in California. Being in such a difficult to reach spot and crazy temps ranging from the mid 70s in the summer to -30 below zero in the winter, who in the heck would have thought that it once was a bustling busy town where over 8,000 people lived?!

So who lived there? From 1877 to 1882 gold was mined abundantly after an accidental discovery when a mine shaft collapsed. The place was swarming with people looking to get a piece of the action.

Now it’s just a shell of what once was a booming gold mining town. Amazingly, the structures are still somewhat intact. Clearly when the gold ran out, so did the inhabitants, leaving behind possessions, likely the stuff that was too cumbersome to carry.

It was eerie peering in to dust darkened windows at what was left. Bits and pieces to tell the stories of the people who once lived here. Nonetheless, it was quite a sight to see.

Entrance to Bodie
I do love that chair though
Check out that kitchen sink
Can you imagine cooking on that tiny stove top? Someone for sure baked muffins and had tea in this house.
I don’t think this tiny heater was enough for those super cold winters. Wow, what a life!
Small bedroom
Old church
The famous Bodie Gold Mine

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