Grand Canyon Camping Trip

Just wanted to share a fun camping trip my husband and I took to the Grand Canyon. Ever since discovering our love of camping, we’ve packed up our little camper and headed out to explore every chance we got.

If you’re looking for the perfect 4 day itinerary for visiting the Grand Canyon, feel free to steal mine! We had a blast!

First things first. Weather! Always check ahead to make sure you’re prepared for either very hot, or very cold temps. We wanted a happy medium so our bike rides and hikes would be enjoyable. The best time to go is in the spring. Preferably March – May. We went the last week in April and it was perfect.

Since we aren’t much for “roughing it” we made reservations at the Grand Canyon Trailer Village RV Park which offered us full hookups and access to the bike trail, a short walk to the village market and shuttles.

Day 1: We got a late start on the day so by the time we drove from So Cal to AZ the day was gone, but we arrived before sunset and were able to get situated and enjoy dinner in our cozy spot. Elk wander throughout the park so it was cool watching them graze right by our picnic table. The evening was cold but that worked out perfect because we didn’t have to run the AC.

Day 2: Bike ride! After breakfast, which is usually at 10 am when we’re on vacay, we hopped on our bikes for a beautifully scenic 10 mile ride. Riding along the South rim of the Grand canyon on the paved trail, cruising mostly downhill, was awesome! There were so many spots to stop and just take in the view or enjoy a perfect picnic. At the end of the trail, we were too tired to pedal 10 miles mostly uphill to get back so we took the shuttle all the way to the Village market and rode to the RV park from there. Another sunset dinner wrapped up this perfect day.

Day 3: Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. It was a 2 hour drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, but there were plenty of viewpoints to stop at along the way. Unfortunately, because it was a holiday weekend and we did not foresee how busy the Antelope Canyon tours would be, we were unable to book a tour. Super bummed about that, but it will be something we definitely won’t mess up on next time. Maybe when we go to Zion National Park we’ll make a stop through there. It’s such a famous spot and gorgeous for picture taking if you catch the light streaming in at the right time of day. Horseshoe Bend, however, did not disappoint! The clouds rolled in briefly which made for some beautiful pictures worth framing! Totally worth the short walk to this picturesque cliff-side view!

Day 4: Catch the Sunrise! …but like I mentioned before, hubbs and I don’t get up before 10am on vacation, so we missed that. But, I did take a trip with my girlfriends a couple years back and made it a point to catch the Sunrise view of the Grand Canyon. Let me tell you it is GLORIOUS! We each found a quiet spot, took some time to reflect, pray, take pictures, journal; and then we met up and took a group picture together. So if you can wake up, catch the Shuttle to Yavapai Point and watch the Sunrise illuminate the Canyon. It’s awe inspiring! So much so that I wrote a poem!

What could these hands bring

Before my King on His throne?

What could I give

That you’ve not first bestowed?

What could I do that would serve true

And not be tainted, marred, stolen or flawed?

I fall so short God

When I learn your command;

When I see past myself

To how marvelous You are!

It is in my humility

You whisper aloud:

It’s not perfection you seek

But devotion complete!

And I am there reborn

In the depths of my heart

Transformed from the struggles

That once bound my mind.

It is there you divide

What the world has sown

From the truths you have given

In which I should grow.

Your Word gives me wings,

Clear vision, sound mind,

Wisdom, joy, hope,

That abounds and takes flight.

And you renew within me

This love and light

That daily I’d live it

And be heaven minded.

Seeking always Your face

Your presence and throne of grace.

Horseshoe Bend

I hope my little trip gave you some ideas and got you curious enough to go explore the great outdoors! Wherever you live, there are beautiful national parks and natural wonders to be found. Get out and enjoy it! And then come tell me all about it so I can plan my next trip!

Happy travels!

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  1. Good morning sweet friend! I just wanted to tell you, what a beautiful poem friend! You should frame it with the photo! 🙌❤️

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