Trying to Grow Tomatoes

Considering the fact that I cannot keep a house plant alive to save my life, it’s a pretty big deal that I ventured to grow tomatoes this last spring!

Maybe it’s because I forget to water or I over-water, too much sunlight, not enough?? Whatever the case, I am ashamed to say I have killed more orchids than I can count.  So, if you are my friend, do not gift me a houseplant. Thank you but unfortunately artificial plants are better in my keep than real ones.

For some reason tomatoes don’t seem overwhelming. Water. Prune. Harvest. That’s it right?

So I water and talk to the flowering tomato plant, get excited at the growth and progress, shoo away slugs and other pesky bugs and then soon enough those sweet cherry and heirloom tomatoes start weighing down the vine and it’s time to enjoy the fruits of the labor.

Or so I thought. Fast forward 3 months later to the middle of summer and I barely have a handful of tiny tomatoes to show for all my effort and watering. Something definitely didn’t go my way because these diva tomato plants made green leaves and not much else. Sadly.

Growing up my family always had a vegetable garden, herbs, tomatoes, and other fruit trees. I guess the secret there is having a green thumb, or a good gardener. Neither of which describe me. That’s why I’m so glad organic tomatoes are available for purchase.

I learned a valuable life lesson from my humble tomato plants; aside from the fact that I’m clearly not a great gardener.

Truth is we all need nourishment – to be watered and fed, friends who don’t throw shade but rather encourage us to grow, and the occasional pruning so we don’t get weighed down with things that need to go. I know God put these little reminders in creation as markers along the way of life; that we’d learn, want better, and do better.

And enjoy some delicious tomatoes too; whether you grew them yourself or not!

Now on to trying out a new hobby! Any suggestions?

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