Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Who’s in a cookie eating mood?! I am. Daily!

Cookies have always been my weakness. I mean, who can resist a delicious, warm confection? Instant mood lifter, put a spring-in-your step, savor the moment, kind of treat.

Need a sweet gift that’s sure to impress? Cookies make a lovely gift! And since the season of sharing is upon us, why not start a new dessert tradition? One that requires no stretchy pants or New Year’s resolution punishments. Yes, even if you eat the whole batch!

I came up with this recipe because I am a huge fan of homemade almond milk. I make it so often that my almond pulp has taken up most of my freezer space. It’s a fantastic ingredient – practically fat free since we strained that out when we made the milk, so all we need is a good recipe and a healthy appetite. If you’re struggling to put more fiber in to your diet, these cookies are a delicious way to do just that.

Here’s my cookie recipe!


Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Add cherries to your food processor and pulse until chopped in to smaller pieces. Add remaining ingredients and process until well combined. At this point you could just eat the dough with a spoon because it’s amazing, but I spread it on a parchment paper lined sheet, score in to cookie shapes and put it in the dehydrator overnight or about 6-8 hrs. You could place it in the oven as well at 300°F for about an hour or until desired dryness is achieved. These are dark chocolate and cherry flavored. They’d be delicious with melted chocolate drizzled on top, or coconut butter frosting. Enjoy with homemade almond milk or your fave latte.

Have your cookie and eat it too! It’s good for you. 😉


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