Come on over!

How about a tour? Since last May, we’ve been settling in nicely at our new little place and I figured it was about time I took some pictures.

Having a house has been on the wish list and now that it’s finally happened, it’s nice to see everything come together. It’s been a lot of work because that’s the way moving goes, but at last, it’s home sweet home.

This place is a completely remodeled 1920’s Craftsman. Most of the original details have been preserved, right down to the door handles with tiny see-through key holes. The dining room built-in is a useful and lovely addition as well.

I’ve got my reading corner, complete with the perfect lighting and a blanket because I own 20 million of them. That’s what happens when you run cold and your husband does not.

The bedrooms are small with light sconces and mirrored closet doors, pocket windows on two walls to catch the breeze and keep the place airy and fresh. One is our bedroom and the other we turned in to our home office. It’s nice to have a room where you can shut the door to the day’s work — that and we just can’t beat the commute!

The kitchen is bright with windows everywhere. Light curtains for function and decor. And that massive oven makes for additional cabinet space as the dehydrator is our choice appliance. I actually quite like that I never have to clean the stove!

I’ve got white kitchen cabinets and subway tile back-splash to make this the perfect background for all my food pictures. And a little breakfast table right in the kitchen.

I have a kitchen door that leads to a huge backyard that’s nothing to rave about now but, eventually there will be a wood fence, an herb garden, lemon tree, outdoor seating, and lots of bushes and flowers. All in due time!

Just thought I’d show you what we’ve been so busy putting together. Unpacking and furniture shopping is no joke. But we’re done now.

It’s not the fanciest house, or even the most convenient location, and I have ants that just won’t quit! But I’m happy. Thrilled even that I have a space where I can create, dream, decorate, rest, enjoy.

Finding contentment in the now is always better than putting joy off until things are ‘just right.’ Nothing is ever perfect. The secret is to find the beauty in all things despite the imperfections. That’s what this house is teaching me right now. And it’s not a hard lesson to learn since there is so much to love in this place.

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  1. Gia,

    We MISS you guys! But we also get it! Space to create is at the top of my list!

    I am SO happy to see these photos and know where you two landed! I am so happy for you! It is a lovely bigger place for you and I pray that you prosper there.

    Can’t wait to see the yard and garden photos!!


    1. Hi Sandi! Thanks for the well wishes. We do have lots more space to branch out and that is a very good thing. The yard and garden are projects for a future date, however. The heat is too much right now. That and it takes time and investment, so we’ve put it off a while. Hope you’re all well too. Blessings to you and the family.♥

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