My Raw Vegan Routine

One of the misconceptions of eating Raw Vegan is that it requires a ton of work in the kitchen. Rest assured, it absolutely does not have to be that way.

At the beginning, I was fascinated with gourmet intricate raw food methods: the sprouting, soaking, dehydrating. The fascination is still there, but more often than not, I opt for quick and uncomplicated meal prep. I can make delicious meals with fewer ingredients in minutes, not hours. The foods are less heavy, easier to digest, and can be made ready at a moment’s notice. Like my Zucchini Pasta, Thai Noodles, Collard Green Wraps, or Garden Salad with Tahini Garlic Dressing!

Grocery lists center on fruits and veggies. My favorite part of all this is the simplicity. In fact, I don’t even need a list. Our staples don’t change. And if a certain fruit or veggie looks good, is organic AND on sale? Score! It goes in the cart. Check out my shopping routine here!

Granted, I’m only stocking up for a two people household, but with less cravings and food so easy to prepare, our lives don’t center around the dreaded dilemmas of, “what is there to eat?” and “is it good for me?”

As far as gadgets go, I do have my kitchen staples. My hand blender makes for quick, mess-free work when I just have a small quantity to blend.

I can’t live without my food processor! It grates, chops, purees, grinds — everything that would take forever to do without.

Then there’s the blender. Our vitamix is more like family than equipment. It’s such a staple for smoothies, sauces, grinding flours, and making nut butters.

And the fabulous dehydrator my husband got for me after our first week feeling fantastic on the raw vegan lifestyle. That purchase pretty much solidified our commitment. And I’m so happy with it! I make trail mix, veggie “bacon”, bread, donuts, corn tortilla chips, and currently experimenting with “chicken” nuggets. I’ll let you know how those turn out!

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to find our rhythm! We always have hearty meals that take a few minutes to put together or pack for a day trip. We can focus on other more important things, like friends, family, adventure.

If you think eating this way is too hard or is lacking because you can’t live without comfort food favorites that are meat heavy, fried, or sugary – I am a living testament to how possible it really can be. No judgements. I know you can pretty much deep fry anything and it will taste amazing! But we all know what fried foods do to our arteries, and heart health. So, that’s probably best changed sooner rather than later.

Not to say everyone looking to make more plant-based food choices is coming at this from a very bad diet. Regardless, I’d like to offer options that are filling, satisfying, and simple to make.

Everyone should have it this easy! Eat to your health!


What does your meal prep look like? What shortcuts have you found?



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