3 Ingredient face & body scrub that’s all yum!

I’ve got a sugar scrub that’s good enough to eat! The smell is just divine! This recipe is for your skin, so act accordingly.

It’s Summer and we all want our skin to glow healthy, we want that sun kissed tan and smooth hydrated shine. The key to all that is exfoliating and moisturizing. Let’s make that a simpler, one step process that won’t break the bank. I mean, paying $50 for a yogurt size cup means I’m going to perch it in my shower and smell it from time to time. I’ll use it sparingly before special occasions. Crazy? Maybe that’s just me but when it’s expensive, I try to make it last.

The joy of making your own is that you could fill a bathtub with it and still pay less than the fancy stuff at the mall!

I discovered this delicious ingredient combo after I used a store-bought scrub on my face and inadvertently wound up getting some in my mouth. Grainy, questionable ingredients, should I worry right now?!

So I thought, let’s raise our standards. If it’s going ON my skin, it better be ingredients that are non toxic, should I want to taste it too.

You’ve got all the ingredients in your pantry so let’s make this delicious scrub and get our sweet Summer glow on!


Sugar Scrub

Makes 16 oz

Mix all ingredients together and store in a seal-able container. Keeps well for at least six months.

The smell of honey and coconut are divine! These ingredients are antibacterial meaning they’re healing to your skin as well as hydrating.

Use this scrub on your lips, face, and body two times a week. Rinse well and pat dry. No need to apply moisturizer after. Guaranteed softer skin! Enjoy!



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