Your New Favorite Drink!

On a recent trip to LA for our usual Sunday, raw-vegan restaurant splurge, we passed through Pasadena for a little exploring.

If you’ve ever been to LA, you know there is so much selection out there. From fabulous foods, shopping, and juice bars. All of which I frequent as often as possible! I mean, I have to find the great ones and tell you guys all about them. 😉 Enjoyable research for sure!

Well, I bet you’ve never tried Ko Juice fresh cane juice! At least I hadn’t, but always wanted to try it. Short of buying yet another kitchen gadget to juice the tough, fibrous sugar cane, finding a place that specializes in that is my first choice.

Aside from being the most delicious and refreshing iced drink I’ve ever had, this stuff is health in a cup! Seriously, sugar cane has so many nutritional benefits.


Here are a dozen more reasons to love this juice:

  • Loaded with potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, amino acids, zinc, thiamin, & riboflavin!
  • High in dietary fiber! (Don’t settle for prunes people!)
  • Pure, raw, all natural, unprocessed
  • Contains alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic acid for great skin — that’s anti-aging and anti-inflammatory action!
  • Contains minerals to protect the enamel of the teeth, prevent decay and bad breath. (Can’t say that for coffee..haha)
  • Helps to lower overall cholesterol
  • Balances stress hormone levels
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Excellent detoxifier — reduces the occurence of UTI’s and kidney stones
  • High in vitamin C which strengthens the immune system
  • Dietary fiber in sugar cane binds with fat and prevents it from being stored in the body
  • Low glycemic index which helps regulate blood sugar levels


Ko Juice in Pasadena is doing it up right! They offer lots of flavor combinations. But if you want to get creative, they’ll custom create one for you too.

I got the Ko-Matcha because I’m crazy about Matcha. Excellent choice for flavor combo. Sweet and perfect!


My husband got the Ginger Cane and I must say, he was the skeptic – fearing it would be too sweet. He loved it more than he expected because he guzzled the 16oz and quickly asked for another for our drive home. So, here’s a tip: get the large size for sure!


Hope you try this place out and let me know what you think. You may even run in to me there as I’m kinda a big fan now.

Drink to your health! 🙂

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