New Kitchen New Products!


Just can’t keep a good thing to myself, so here’s my latest find!

I got this Mrs. Meyer’s set in the mail, like a little housewarming gift to myself. It’s from Grove Collaborative and it’s free to new customers. Free shipping too. Score!

If you’re an existing customer, you get the Grove walnut scrubber sponges which I also love. They work great and don’t come in a funky blue color. Seriously though; fun, fresh products and tools put me in a Spring cleaning mood that doesn’t feel like a chore.

I’m happy to report that we have officially moved in to our new place, finally! Yes, it took about three weeks to clean, purge, pack, unpack, and then decide what would go where. Currently dreaming about a Pinterest worthy fridge and pantry but it’ll be a while before that magic happens. It’s in the works though.

Going from a tiny space to a much larger one is a good problem to have. But I figured it all out and am especially loving my kitchen! Keeping this place sparkly clean is actually fun when I get to use my fave scented products.

I found quite a few things on Grove Collaborative that I didn’t know I’d love so much! Like a natural ant remedy spray that smells like cloves not insecticide… fabric softener that won’t irritate my skin! I got face and body lotion and other household goodies.

I kept finding things this house needed, from dishwasher detergent, to laundry supplies, and Grove Collaborative totally hooked me up with free shipping. My new best friend!

I’ve still got a few details to piece together before this house is ready for pictures and company, but so far, I’m pretty darn excited about this ‘home sweet home’ of mine.

Thanks for stopping by to see my new place. 😉


disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links. Every purchase provides a small commission that helps keep this blog running so I can continue sharing so many more great things with you. All opinions are my own. Rest assured, if I don’t love it, I won’t share it. 😉

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