Do We Have To Get Sick As We Age?

I used to live with the fear that once I hit “old age,” life would be a ticking time bomb of surprise health scares and problems. We all know someone who has diabetes. Heart problems. High blood pressure. Cancer. How about mental health issues, like Alzheimer’s? Sadly, this reality exists. Are we powerless against it?

The pharmaceutical companies want us to believe they are working on solutions for all these devastating ailments. Whether or not that’s true, I want to be confident now! Is there anything I can do? The answer is yes! If you care about the quality of your life today and the future, healing your body now and further prevention is the best medicine.

My  5 point strategy:

  1. Detox
    • 2 day juice fast to give your body a chance to flush out the gunk. The way this works best is if you drink every time you feel hungry. Don’t limit yourself to just 3 glasses a day. Drink to your heart’s content. Drink water in between too. Hydration is your best friend!
  2. Eat nourishing foods
    • Skipping meals and giving in to cravings can lead to eating nutrient poor foods and or overeating. Sure, they taste great, hit the spot in a food-coma kind of way, but other than that, there’s no real value in it. Truth is, nourishing foods taste great and hit the spot, without the negative impacts. Here’s a meal idea that’s healthy and quick to make!
  3. Do all you can to eliminate stress
    • Cortisol impacts the body like a bad domino effect. It needs a release, but when stress piles up, so does this trouble making hormone. Easiest way to eliminate stress? Do feel good stuff. Walk, watch a movie, read, nap… I do beach days every now and then, just to breathe, nap on the sand, and tan my cheeks a little.
  1. Do more of what you love
    • Create a routine where you are intentional about making time for you. Seriously, text your girlfriend right now and go have an iced tea together. Chat, walk, window shop, or go solo. Having that once a week/once a day reprieve will help you maintain your sanity and health! Win win.
  2. Feel awesome
    • Once you see how all these good changes are impacting you for the better, you’ll be motivated to keep it up. That’s the goal. It’s a lifestyle. Healthy foods and activities shouldn’t be a short term diet exception, but rather a sustaining model. I promise you will look and feel great. Simple changes. Huge rewards for the now and the future.


Like any new thing, there’s a time of adjustment and re-learning.


What are you struggling with? What is standing in your way of making changes towards improved health?



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