Raw Vegan: Eating Out

I went to a party last summer and assumed there would be something for this raw vegan to munch on. A fruit plate, salad, decorative kale.

Nope. Not one thing. Except pineapples placed near the drink pitchers for décor.

My frustration was not in the party. It was beautiful, and fun, colorful, such a vibrant setting! We chatted, took pictures at the picture wall, danced in a conga line, it was a blast!

As a raw vegan, I always have to think ahead. I don’t want to miss out on gatherings and fun outings, but the convenience of fast food, or traditionally prepared meals are not an option anymore. And I’m ok with that.

Most raw vegans do eat in advance so as to not arrive hungry. I like to call ahead and see what options I have, if any and plan accordingly.

Personally, I sneak my own salad dressings pretty much everywhere. I’ll take 4 ounce jars in a mini cooler bag and wedge it in to my purse. I custom build a salad from the restaurant menu and top it with my homemade dressing. It’s my favorite way to have a really delicious meal out at a restaurant with my friends. I used to say I wasn’t much of a salad person, but my killer dressing recipes changed all that! Check out my free ebook for more recipes!

If I’m going to someone’s home, I’ll bring purchased salad mix bags and drizzle my dressing on that. Yes I love salads. They really are more versatile than just lettuce.

My favorite thing is sharing so I’ve found that I need to bring bigger jars of my salad dressing creations. I’ll attach a label to the jars so the recipe is visible and can be easily recreated by the one who gets to take it home! It’s just another way to motivate people who think eating healthy or raw has to be bland and boring. It is so not! Trust me. Here’s my current favorite salad dressing recipe!

Do you give in to the tempting menu selection and regret it later? How do you make healthy choices when eating out?

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