New Routines: No More Stressing

I propose we find 30 minutes every day to be intentional about changing our pace and mental stimulus. Take a stroll, sit on a park bench, lounge on a blanket under a tree, enjoy a latte or cup of tea while taking in a beautiful view. Read a devotional. The Psalms always lift my spirits.

By all means, if you have more than 30 minutes, find a trail and walk, bike, jog, roller skate. Find a park with swings and be a kid for a few minutes.

Have a picnic with yourself. All you need is a small blanket, some grass, something to munch on, or not. Kick off your shoes, watch the wind stir in the trees, savor your meal, breathe and relax.

If we keep going at a frantic pace, playing catch up with our daily obligations, we are likely to crash in to a panic attack, anxiety, or some other stress induced illness. Something as simple as taking 30 minutes a day to switch our pace can produce huge health benefits.

Did you know, the 2nd most commonly prescribed class of prescription drugs in America is antidepressants? The first is blood cholesterol drugs and third is pain medication.

All three of these classes have stress as a factor, undoubtedly because of a decline in health necessitating their use.

Medicine has it’s place but so does eliminating stress. One way to do that is to take 30 or more minutes every day to just breathe. Nothing complicated. Just time to focus on calmness. Nature is excellent at offering that.

What changes can you make to de-stress throughout your day? How do you unwind after a long day? What 5 minute things can you do right now to refocus?

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