Raw Vegan Sugar Cookies

I have found the perfect raw vegan cookie that is nut and date free. No need to firm them up in the fridge either. And being the cookie lover that I am, I’m quite delighted with myself right now.

My kitchen smells like dessert! Fresh, warm cookies on this chilly day is the best good-morning-treat to wake up to.

Make these cookies and then pack them for  a sweet bike ride and picnic later. That’s my plan anyhow!


Sugar Cookie Recipe:

Add all dry ingredients to a food processor. Mix to combine. Pulse in the wet ingredients. Spread flat on to a non-stick dehydrator sheet and either cut squares or use a cookie cutter. You could also roll balls and flatten to make little round cookies.

Place in a dehydrator at 115° F for 8 hours or until firm.

I left mine in overnight and woke up to perfect sugar cookies. If your dough was too wet, you will need to dehydrate longer. Still delicious though.

*xylitol is a natural sweetener that comes with many health benefits. It decreases bacteria in the body, has virtually no effect on insulin & blood sugar levels and has a sweetness ratio just like regular sugar but without the side effects. This ingredient is my preferred sweetener for a lighter color dessert. (Optionally, you may use only coconut sugar in place of the xylitol)

**to melt cacao butter, set up a double-boiler by placing a bowl over a larger bowl filled 1/3 with hot water. Allow the cacao butter to melt, whisking every now & then to break up larger pieces.


These cookies are the perfect sweet treats. I have plans to make nice cream sandwiches with them in the near future. Stay tuned!

If you’re in a sweets mood, try my lemon cheesecake recipe too.

Happy dessert making!


disclosure: this post contains some amazon affiliate links. All opinions are my own 🙂

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