Happy New Year! Change Can Be Great!

And just like that it’s 2018! Looking forward to brand new opportunities and experiences!

2017 ushered in more change than I ever expected. I’m a raw vegan, minimalist, photographer who travels occasionally and blogs a bunch. Had you told me this would happen, I never would have believed it!

It all started with my apartment. I was convinced I needed a bigger place to house all the stuff I had accumulated. And I needed more space for all the clothes I had planned to further accumulate. My life became stuff on top of stuff. Stuff holding decorative stuff. Stuff that had to be moved so I could open and close the bedroom door. It turned out my apartment was not too small. I just had more stuff than I needed, like borderline hoarder status.

Pre spring cleaning had me purging more than 85% of what I owned. Clothes, accessories, furniture, décor, appliances, dishes, pots and pans, and anything else that just collected dust; things I hadn’t used in a long time and even forgot I had.

Of course it didn’t hurt that I watched the minimalism documentary on Netflix and realized, all that stuff was just weighing me down. So out it went. Donated to friends, family, and the second hand store. I’ll never be the person to fit all my worldly possessions in to a single backpack or own a total of less than 100 items. I’ve defined minimalism for myself as “keeping things simple” and I like it that way.

Becoming raw vegan wasn’t planned either. After trying to cope with serious health problems, digestive issues, and pain; my husband and I changed our eating drastically, hoping for relief and healing. We felt so good after just one week. We decided this was definitely the lifestyle for us!

This also fit in to the minimalist changes I had made because I no longer needed to house pots, pans, a microwave, slow cooker, or an oven. More purging meant more cabinet space. The best part: no more cooking! Honestly it was such a chore for me. The hot stove/oven, meal prepping, let it cool, box it up, the clean up…it was a lot of work!

Somewhere along with all this good change I experimented with making my own skincare and natural cleaning products. My hairdresser says I’m a hippie now –because I’m raw vegan and going au natural, but really I just got tired of buying 2oz containers of face and body goop for $50+. So, here we are, saving money and looking good! Actually, I’m so thrilled with the stuff I’ve made I’m sharing lots of DIYs with you all too. Here’s one for my Healing Body Wash.

And the newest change…we bought a camper! We talked about it for two years. Planned for it, dreamed…and it finally happened. I have a notebook full of destinations I plan on traveling to and I fully intend on taking everyone along for the ride via pictures and this here blog!

Change can be fantastic! I encourage you to make healthy changes that will benefit you. Your changes will look different than mine but the end result is for the improvement of your quality of life.

Wishing you a New Year of excitement and anticipation for many good things to come.

Are there changes you want to make but don’t know where to start? What future goals do you look forward to? What changes have you made already?

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