Deciphering Cravings: Does Food Control You?

There is power in understanding why we crave what we crave because we can choose whether we allow it to have influence over us or not.

Are your really craving meat or the seasonings it’s flavored with? Like garlic, rosemary, lemon, thyme, salt and pepper. Have you ever had a burger patty with zero flavor? Like someone forgot to season it? That’s why there are so many condiments to spruce it up.

Think about it. If cheese wasn’t salted or sweetened, would it still have the same alluring draw? What about milk? That comes with added sugar.

Did you know, when margarine was invented, yellow dye was added to make it look more appetizing? It was originally created to be a cheaper alternative to butter and have a longer shelf life. Margarine and butter are not the same thing. Personally, I think both should be avoided. Butter is loaded with cholesterol, and margarine is a processed, synthetic product that is just one molecule away from being plastic.

Every now and then I watch Andrew Zimmern’s “Bizarre Foods” and roll my eyes a little when almost every dish presented is deep fried.

Deep fried tastes good. There’s no denying that! But if we’re chasing what “tastes good” and don’t consider the health ramifications of those ingredients or cooking methods, we are likely to come face to face with digestive issues and other serious health problems.

Try to understand the ‘why’ behind the foods you’ve come to crave and gravitate towards. Comfort foods have their own label for that very reason. They comfort us. They take us back to a memory, a feeling, an appetite satisfier.

I have met people who, because of severe heart disease, have been put on very strict diets that were bland and difficult to enjoy. They got to the point where the triple bypass surgery was their last lifesaving move. They were told, “one more heart attack & you’re done.” No more taking chances. Their diets had to be 100% clean. That’s a lot of pressure! For those people, I wish there was a rewind clock to go back in time and get a do-over.

I look at my lifestyle change as my shot at a do-over. I wish I’d started sooner, but I’m pretty happy with where I’m at right now. Who knows what heart problems I’m avoiding just by changing up my food. I know heart disease runs in my family so the possibilities of what could have been are scary.

So what do I eat? Fresh fruits and vegetables! They’re filling, vibrant with flavor, nourishing to our bodies, satisfying, and satiating. With a little creativity, you’d be surprised at how simple and delicious your food can be! I’ll even help you get motivated and give you some great ideas! Before you know it you’ll have a new way of doing things that will simplify your life and put you in control of cravings.

Take all you have come to know about food and put it to the test. Trade your old habits for new ones and see for yourself what benefits you’ll experience.

What is your favorite food that you know is not the healthiest choice? Any food weaknesses? What healthy choices are you proud you’ve made so far?

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