Healthy & Happy Transformations

It’s not about the thigh gap or the hip bridge or any other ‘skinny’ visual you’ve seen on social media. I used to look at my legs and think genes screwed me! Why do my legs applaud when I walk?

But if I measure myself to the standard of unrealistic ideals, I will always be disappointed. I don’t want to live like that!

I chose to be healthy and happy. Sure, I want to look nice in my clothes but not by unhealthy means.

I did lose quite a bit of weight after going raw vegan, but it was never my #1 goal. It was exciting to see my tightest jeans actually fit, as they were in the donate pile, even though I so wanted to keep them.

Honestly, I just wanted to stop being chronically bloated after every meal. I used to fear being out too long because IBS pretty much dictated my waistline and comfort level.

My husband had even more serious issues and I wanted to help him with the burden of his symptoms from Crohn’s. I buried myself in recipe searching, trying to find the foods that he could tolerate. I totally had my work cut out for me because not only was his gut in major pain, but he was also a very picky eater. Talk about a narrow list of options!

Today what you see are two healthy, slimmed down, happy people. Symptom free!! It was a journey we had to take one meal at a time, one good decision at a time. It was so worth it!

If you can relate and want to take control of your health and eating habits, please use this blog as a resource. I’m over the moon excited that you’re here! I’ve created recipes for a healthy lifestyle that are fun, easy, and pretty to look at-totally shareable!

Enjoy and let’s continue this journey together!

What are your food challenges? Do you have any food allergies you hate to avoid but have to? Are you happy and healthy or looking for a solution?

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