Originality: You Do You

It’s amazing the satisfaction that comes from finding your voice, your thought, your style –in a world of followers. From the clothes you wear to the things you say, think, and do.

“Trends come and go but originality stands eternal.” Bruce Lee, Interplanetary

I just read this great article on Being Original and it had me head nodding in agreement the whole way through. Originality is the quality that transcends, endures, and inspires.

We’re taught at a young age to follow direction, do as we’re told, conform; and that’s all right as we learn to navigate the details of life. We’re all searching. But at what point do we break the mold of that influence and become confident in who we are?

Growing up I had long hair –I mean, down to my thighs, tangled mess, painful ponys, can’t handle this, long hair. Mom had long hair, albeit forever twisted in loose bun fashion. My sisters had long hair. No one really knew why, we just did. No disrespect to long locks, I just didn’t like mine. It was like hair prison.

Fast forward 20+ years. I had an epiphany! One day while recipe searching online, I found a blonde gal with a cute pixie cut talking about overnight oats, and all I could think about was that darling hair! Three days later, I went and chopped off 16 inches. I was finally free from the hair I secretly hated all my life. What a relief to discover I had options.

Like all good things, they inspire more good things. Every change has the potential to bring more freedom to your life. Don’t let anyone define who you are.

Have you found your original? Are you as happy and healthy as you can be? What changes do you need to make but are hesitant about?

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