Kicking Coffee

Originally intended as a weekend only detox, I petted my espresso machine and promised to return.

Nearly a year has gone by since that broken promise, but the change in my body has been undeniably good. I don’t feel bad for the breakup. Not even a little. In fact, I took my machine off it’s perch, atop the Pinterest worthy coffee bar, and neatly packaged it away. I even found it a good home by bartering for something else. Score!

Truth is, it made me moody, quick to anger, nearly neurotic. I didn’t know what fine was until I had been clean for a month.

I read an article about coffee that addressed the true effects of coffee, and the nature of the plant that produces the coveted beans. What an eye opener! It explained so much about why I was feeling lousy after my 2 shot lattes, breves, or iced coffee.

Believing throughout the years that coffee was good for me, my best friend, my morning and midday delight, I never questioned its effects on my brain. I trusted you coffee.

If you’re wondering, do I miss it? The smell, the soothing warmth, the latte art?  Yes, that much I do.  But I don’t miss the jumpiness. If the only thing I miss is the nostalgia of it, or the memory, that’s not good enough reason to suffer the side effects. Oolong and green teas have become my favorite drink choices now. Fruit infused water is my absolute favorite!

How is your coffee addiction? Is it a love hate relationship? How long did you try to go without? Has it lured you back?

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  1. I cut my coffee/caffeine about 8 months ago. Sometimes I miss the yummy lattes. But not enough to endure the headaches and moodiness it was giving me. I prefer hot tea now. A good cup of peppermint tea beats a cup of coffee in my book.

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